Quotes about us!

"Firth & Arjet are a promising improv duo who work with the Institution Theater. They do a fairly loose style of improv that may or may not be partially scripted, but the comediennes were sharp anyway. The performance moved well and kept the audience surprised."
-- Ralphie Hardesty, Austinist, reviewing our 100% improvised show on Feb 1, 2011

"It was awesome. You guys have good chemistry, your show was nuanced, very nice. I can't believe it was improv, in a way"
-- Laura Smith, Audience member, Austin

"Firth&Arjet is one of the most fantastic duos I've ever seen. If your improv fix happens by watching human beings being real human beings then see this and you will not be disappointed. They are not just real and honest, but fucking hilarious."
-- Nick Gillette, Improv Instructor and Performer, Philadelphia

"It's about scenework and not cheap gags. It's real."
-- Brian Browne, Improviser, formerly Philadelphia now Chicago

"The show was original, interesting, and hilarious. I'd book them again anytime."
-- Yvonne Landry, Theater Owner / Festival Producer, New Orleans

"Overflowing with charm and charisma"
-- Jenny, Audience member / Improviser, New Orleans